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Thursday, June 7, 2012

This is genius!

On an unrelated note, "genius" is one of those words that I can never spell correctly the first time.

Problem: Printing ABS requires strict temperature control.
Problem: Plexiglas enclosures are expensive.
Observation: The Replicator ships in a big cardboard box.
Solution: Build a cardboard enclosure for your Replicator from the box it was shipped in.

Dang. That's smart.

Now, I'm not going to cut up the box that my replicator came in because one day I'll move and I needed the box when I sent it back to Makerbot (which I hope to never do again). But I do have a bunch of loose cardboard and with some clips and hinges I could have my heat solution. I still have my Replicator Cozy that I'd like to see through, but there's this is an alternative that I may also explore one day.

Because it's smart.

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