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Friday, May 25, 2012

I miss my Replicator alot

There is an empty place on my table where a replicator once stood. An incomplete chess robot ponders if it'll need a decoder ring for the manual, alot.

So the problems with my electronics was so bad that I needed to send my Replicator back to makerbot for repair. Now I need to be clear, I'm not inadept when it comes to swapping parts out. I've built a computer, I've  replaced the screen on a laptop, I've replaced the circuitry on a projector touch screen. I was dealing with bright white sparks that seemed to come from the wiring. So when Nick at makerbot said "if you have any reservations" I had to admit to having a few reservations. So I'm sending it back to the masters in hopes that it'll come back better than before and I can get that chess robot finished.

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