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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Action Chess Prototype

Do I have any regular readers? Well, if I did I imagine by now they're asking "You've had the printer for over a week., where's the chess set?" I've constantly been trying to print it between everything else and, unfortunatly, there've been hangups. The biggest hang up has been a new design for the knight that I've been trying. Well, I finally got that to work.
See, the idea was a hinged head that could fold down for a more traditional look, then fold up to become the foot. And it looks pretty awesome in that picture, I know, but in real life... it didn't work. Plus the attachment to the build platform didn't work and it ended up leaning. So in the end this cool idea is difficult to print and not worth it. So I'm going to scrap that idea and move on.

The next challenge is the king and queen, when I finally do get them to print, are still way too tight. I mean, I needed a hammer to get them together (an apart afterwards). However, I do have most of a chess robot ready:
But I need to redesign a few things. For one that rook there is too tight and for another the pawn is too fragile. I think the bishop and the interlocking pawns are about the only part I'm satisfied with. Well, that and the over all design. The detail is beautiful, especially the backpack on the body. I can't wait to have a good version to show everyone.

So that's the progress so far. Keep watching and I promise I'll be selling them soon.

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