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Thursday, November 7, 2013

A solution without a problem

The pad on our GameCube controller fell off and was lost revealing a sharp edge that cut into my thumb while we played Wind Waker. So I had the great idea of covering it in Oogoo, pressing a little mould in, and letting it set. There was going to be this whole post about it and I was all excited. I got as far as getting the clear silicon, modeling and printing the mold when suddenly the GameCube controller's analog stick went full broken and we had to just buy a new one.
So now I have this, a little negative mold that I won't be using. I kinda feel sad now. I mean I know a new controller is better, technically, but I was really looking forward to playing with oogoo for the first time. I guess I can still play with oogoo, but without a real project it's difficult to justify it. I guess I'll just wait for a new opportunity. Meanwhile, anyone know how to repair a GameCube controller who's analog stick won't go up or down?

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