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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Iconified Shogi set on Ponoko

Shogi is a cool game that I've always admired. If you capture an opponent piece you can add it to your army on your turn. How cool is that! However the fact that traditional sets are written with Japanese characters make it hard for new players to be willing to climb the learning curve. So I made this set with little icons that describe the movement of the pieces.
A blunt line from the sphere means that piece can move or capture one square in that direction. A pointed line from the sphere means that piece can move in as many unobstructed spaces as are available in that direction. The knight moves similar to it's counterpart in western Chess, except that it can only jump to the two spaces in front of it, and to one to the left and right, not the spaces sideways or backwards.

If you print the set at 80% size it makes a nice little travel set, tho the names of the pieces may become a bit difficult to read.

I decided to put the model for this set for sale on Ponoko. If you'd like to support me you can buy this model and print your own Shogi set and finally play this ancient chess variant.

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