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Monday, October 21, 2013

Finally Printing MetaChess

MetaChess was one of my entries into the Makerbot/Tinkercad Chess challenge that won me my Makerbot and changed my life. Even figured out rules how this chess-on-chess game would play. However until now I've never tried printing it. (Funny thing is I love chess pieces, but I don't play the game very often. Well now I've printed it and... clearly it needs some work.

The biggest problem is one with MakerWare where if two polygons are exactly overlapping the result is a void. This ruined both versions, large and small, of the rooks. Most other slicers do not have this problem. Makerware likes it's models water tight. But beyond MakerWare's problems the models are too small for the chess board I have and the knights could use some work. So I guess it's time to iterate this design. Then, maybe I'll play a game. Maybe.


  1. While I find it odd that you only recently got around to printing this, I still think it was smart of you to leave it 'til now. I guess you could say that since the project holds special meaning in a way, it's better to print it when you've gotten better acquainted with printing. Looking forward to see what changes you make. -Steve @ Objex Unlimited

    1. I wish I could say it was something as lofty as waiting for my skill to level up. Honestly it was because I am probably not going to be playing this any time soon. The other chess sets it was easy because I love the art of chess sets. But this one has a very good chance of just sitting for a while.


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