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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Extending a child rifel

My brother teaches shooting to his local scout troop. The problem is the Remington 514 youth that he uses are too short for anyone but the younger scouts to use. So he proposed I extend the rifle with a 3D printed part.
Nothing much exciting to report, really. Took a stamp of the stock to get the shape and proportions right, same as I've mentioned here and I outline in Chapter 10 of my book. First ones took a little adjustment, then I printed 6 of them. Only got a little delamination on one of them otherwise they worked fine. This is something that I don't know how useful would be to anyone else, but I'll put them up on Thingiverse anyways.

Maybe one day I'll make these modular with a clip on addition, but for now this solution works well. Just a simple block of plastic to solve a problem. Awesome.

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