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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Printing MyMiniFactory's chess set

When I first checked out My Mini Factory about the only thing they had of interest to me was a stylish chess set that I had seen around before, but didn't know where it was from. Turns out it was from My Mini Factory's army of professional designers, which, yes, I am slightly jealous and would love to get that gig.
This one will look nice opposite the last chess set I printed in PLA. This one was printed in gold PLA from ToyBuilder labs.

Funny thing about that chess set is that it is 90% printable without supports, even the knights. Only the cross on the kings head needs supports. Makes me wonder why they didn't just design the cross better. Unfortunately on my first printing the queen's frailty got the better of her and she fell apart, so on the reprint I turned on supports and printed the king and queen. This time somehow the supports mangled cross and as usual supports made for an ugly finish but were almost non-xistant on the queen. In the end I just went with the first king that I printed without supports. As long as you don't know where the problem is you won't see it.

But this taught me something about My Mini Factory. When they say they've test printed everything they don't mention how, what settings, or even what printer. Just keep that in mind when downloading anything from them. And I hope you will be since I've got 2 entries in their upcoming contest and it's counted by downloads.

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