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Thursday, September 5, 2013

OverrideGc, Yes, Transparent PLA for Lithophanes, No.

So I finally got around to using a feature of Jetty's firmware that I knew was there, but never played with. It's called OverrideGC Temp which essentially allows you to set the temperature for printing on the printer instead of when slicing so I can switch from ABS to PLA without reslicing and it works great. I still have to re-level the build plat until I install those aluminum arms I got.

In my searching for an alternative to tan for lithophanes I tried some gold PLA from ToyBuilder labs and... it doesn't work. Too transparent. maybe I can find a thickness where it will work but I'm guessing it'll be really thick. So no gold for lithophanes. And still, I search.


  1. Hi there. Faberdashery do a good gold PLA. Isn't transparent at all, but then I don't know if you need some transparency for the lithophanes (never tried printing one). I use it on my etsy store (I won't be cheeky and link) and it photographs well. It is expensive but I've got some lying around. I could try a test print for you if you'd like.


    1. Really I want tan again. That was the best, bar none. Ah well.


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