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Saturday, August 31, 2013

3D Printing Tidbit - About Face

If done well the place where a print starts and ends on a layer should be invisible. Of course if that were the case I wouldn't have anything to tidbit. In reality there is often a "seem" running up the print, and usually it's running up the front right through all the detail which can really ruin minitures or objects with a lot of detail. My solution is to control where the seam will be to put it where it will be less noticed.
Here I'm plating some Doctor Who pawns and I've turned the all to face the back of the build platform. Since the seam will go across the front the seam will be hidden now where it won't do any harm.

I would prefer the slicer automatically put the seam in the back, and if that happens it's simple to adjust, just don't turn the prints. But until then back facing my prints is the best solution.

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