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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thingiverse Custom Lithophanes

Exciting to see this morning that Thingiverse's web version of OpenSCAD aka "Customizer" can now accept uploaded files making possible a custom lithphane script. Apparently my work has merited credit in this, which is cool.

Naturally Thingiverse is flooded with people making lithophanes they have no intention of printing. Every meme and logo is going to be lithophaned by the end of the day I'm sure.

My only complaint about this phenomenon is that everyone is calling them "lithopanes". Listen, I made this mistake the first time too. They're called "lithophanes". There's an "h" after the "p" there. But the point may be mute. It seems "lithopane" is how everyone is saying it now so we'll just table it until it passes, and really I could care less. It begs the question whether it can be changed at this point.

If course if you want a higher than 100x100 resolution picture you're still stuck doing it the hard way, or you could just let me.


  1. I normally keep my pedantry to myself, but purely because of the subject of your post, I couldn't let this one go... :)

    Anyways, points are moot (debatable, doubtful) not mute (unable to speak).

    1. (Here's a hint, Rob. That was not my only abusee of English in that paragraph. And they were all intentional.)

  2. While you are talking about abuse of language, the phrase is "I couldn't care less" otherwise you are stating that you do care, which is the exact opposite of what you mean.


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