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Saturday, September 8, 2012

A risky maneuver

My first roll of blue filament was almost out so instead of maybe fail to print my first batch of new design TARDIS rings I decided to print something a bit more frivolous, something that's come to be called the "Cymon Split Pyramid puzzle". It's kind of silly but since I'm no associated with it I figure I should probably have one.

About half way through it was clear that I was going to run out of blue, so I decided to try a risky maneuver. I would feed the new filament in while it was printing.
Blue filament is almost out, yellow is at the ready.
The tricky part was that I would need to fine the feed hole and follow the old filament in while the print head was moving around, so I'd have to move with it. And to make it even more difficult, I'm printing accelerated!
...and it took! We are now extruding yellow filament!

Great success! The result even looks cool.
As cool as the effect is I don't think I'm going to make a habit of this since it required closer monitoring of the print that I usually like to bother with. I have to admit tho, that effect is really cool.


  1. Looks awesome! I'm thinking the splicing techniques might be more promising, though. I'm not sure I have your patience or dexterity. Also, the updated feeder I now have (Emmet's update of Whosawhatsis' feeder) is a little trickier to feed when it isn't moving around, let alone printing Cymon's Pyramid :-)

  2. Used to do this all the time with old MakerBots that had stationary extruders. It's much more of an adventure on a Replicator! :)


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