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Saturday, August 4, 2012

3D Printing Tidbit 5 - Taping the middle

I've got a new way to tape. Look closely at the picture above. I figured since most of my prints happen in the center, and the tape gets most worn where it gets most printed on, why was I ruining two pieces of tape there? So I measured carefully and cut the middle out, then just replaced that part with one piece of tape. Remember, measure carefully.

Also, use soap when applying the tape to make it easier and bubble free.

PS. I still use a thin layer of ABS glue to help that first layer stick, but now I rub it down with pure acetone afterwards to thin it out as much as I can before printing. Just enough to do the job.


  1. That's actually kind of brilliant. :)

  2. Nice tip! My current method for getting rid of air bubbles involves poking them with a fresh X-Acto blade and then rubbing the air out.

    1. I did that myself once and I don't recommend it any more since (1) there's a better way with soap and (2) I found those were the places the tape tore first when a print stuck too hard.


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