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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Which whistle?

The light-weight contender
On thingiverse the whistle is one of the more famous designs as it was one of the first that was "shipped" overseas faster than it could have been by any other means. Some guy in Germany designed and printed a whistle, posted it on Thingiverse, and Bre in New York printed his own and the whole process took something like less than a day. From Germany to New York, design to manufacture to "shipped" in an impossibly short time.

Well having kids the idea of an emergency whistle on their person is a favorable one, but which whistle? There are now a ton of them on Thingiverse. I decided I would either use the thin profile whistle or the latest iteration of the original design. And the winner?

The thin profile whistle printed okay, but the sound is weak, particularly when you blow hard. So while that would be better in a backpack, it would be worse in an emergency. On the other hand madkite's redesign is LOUD. Like, do not blow this in doors.And it makes the proper trill and everything. So I think we have a clear winner.
And still champ-eene!

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