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Friday, May 4, 2012

Everyday I'm Modelin'

I understand Makerbot has had somewhat a delay in getting Replicators out the door in time. First there's problems filling the the massive quantity of orders fast enough. (Where's your assembly line guys?) Then there was a problem with many of the heated beds being badly warped meaning they've had to do some quick design and replacement work. So what was an 8 week lead time has been extended to a 12 week lead time.

This is a gift horse and I am not going to check it's orthodontia.

But while I'm waiting I'm not going to just sit on every design I've made and plan to print. For instance my daughter broke her piggy bank. Sure, I could just choose one of the already available options, but why do that when there's an awesome scan of the famous little mermaid statue that I can modify.

A while back I modified a clip that, while it did blend form and function, I felt was a little heavy on the form. The result was a Mini MrJaws clip. And while no one speciffically asked for it I felt it's predicessor, the Mr. Alligator clip needed similar treatment. Apparently someone liked it.

Lastly, when I saw the magnetic Go game I was impressed because it used these magnet toys which a coworker of mine has a ton of, some of them are getting pretty ragged. What better way to recycle them? Then for no related reason my interest in 9 Men Morris got rekindled. Then I discovered Morabaraba, a variation that used the whole board and the diagonals and is played competitively like chess in Africa and I had a new project.

I certainly hope someone else finds these useful. I can't wait to print them myself.

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