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Monday, April 16, 2012

Spotlight: The New Hobbyist

Chris AKA The New Hobbyist. Uh... yeah. Go check him out.

I particularly like his post about "Remembering form when designing for function". I'm that unique blend of artist and technical mind, tho in many ways I'm a bit like the old amphibious cars. Not really very good at either of it's dual functions. (Tho I understand the new aquacars are actually pretty passable so there's either hope for me or I'm gonna have to stop using that analogy.) So much of the 3D printing community right now are engineers, technicians, and mathematicians. But as availability goes up and 3D printing and designing gets into more peoples hands we're going to see that evolve.

That's why the first thing I print is probably going to be a 8mm alan wrench on the back of a shark clip. Because I need an 8mm alan wrench for my bike and I don't want to buy a whole set, I need a clip to keep my pants from getting caught in the chain, and shark.

But I'm getting off topic now. The New Hobbyist. Go check it out.

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