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Sunday, April 29, 2012

PCWorld featured my chess set

Getting mentioned on Makerbot's blog was cool, but probably inevitable.

Getting noticed by Makezine was neat because I saw it in my news feed myself.

I needed someone else to point out to me Gizmoto's coverage. That was awesome.

But PCWorld may be the highest profile mention to date. PCWORLD! I don't know, that's like... a real publication with print shops and advertisers and suits and everything (in my mind). The article even goes so far as to link this blog and the etsy shop! Wow. Thank you PCWorld.

So if you're coming here from PCWorld, hello! I hope you put me on your RSS feed reader. I promise that I've almost run out of worthless ramblings while I wait for my 3D printer so it'll be just a little while and I'll announce when I get my printer and the store starts getting stocked.

Oh, and if this little blurb ever makes it into the actual print magazine, even as a little corner piece or something, will someone tell me so I can run out and purchase a copy?

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