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Friday, April 20, 2012

Action Chess Development Part 2

You'd have to be looking pretty closely, but I've been updating the original Action Chess V2.x model in TinkerCad. I've made all the pieces more compact, managed to fit everything inside the size of a normal chess piece, but kept all the relevant connectors. I've also improved the artistic side of it. But I'm not uploading the updated designs to thingiverse. Not yet.

It's not that I don't want anyone else printing them. There are just questions about the design that need answers, experiments that should be run. In the past I couldn't do them myself so I quietly uploaded my designs and let others help me. It worked pretty well and I learned a lot. But now that I'll be able to do it myself... well it would be kinda rude to ask other people to take my knocks for me now.

It's a liberating feeling because when I receive my makerbot I will be independent. Never again will I have to upload a theoretical design to thingiverse marked "Work in Progress" because I couldn't be sure until some good Samaritan gave me a hand up. Now I can work out the kinks myself and upload something ready for consumption. It's a good feeling.

But back to the Chess set. The final version will look better than any one before it, print better, and over all push awesome to the furthest limit I can. Believe.

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