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Friday, February 1, 2013

3D Printing Jewelry Report

Sina from the university of Paderborn asked me a few questions a while back about 3D printing particularly in relation to jewelry production. Well now his report is done and I've got permission to present it to you. You may find the results interesting (click for full sized image):
I find intersting the conclusion that a virtual platform is so paramount to the widespread use of 3D printing. It's true that Thingiverse can be largely attributed to the growth of 3D printing because it allowed for a place where ideas can flow, but something this focused I'm not sure about. I would have thought that getting reliable prints at very low resolutions, 0.05 mm or lower, or getting cost of metal 3D printing down would be of higher priority, but I guess I'm a bit more hardware focused that I thought I was.

Sorry about the image. If you open the image in a new window you can zoom in to see more detail or you can just click here.

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