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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3D Printing Tidbit - Hairspray, Glass, and HBP

Hairspray on glass with a heated build platform is a brilliant solution to sticking prints to the build platform with surprising effecency if it's done right. Hairspray has some properties that at heat will hold a print on the build platform. I don't remember who on the google groups recommended this procedure but I've been doing it for a while and it works extremely well:

  • Get a cheap can of hairspray.
  • Prepare your glass plate by coating it with hair spray. I mean soak the print side in the stuff.
  • Lay it flat and let it dry. Should take about an hour.
  • Spray it again lightly.
  • Print ABS with a 100C degree heated build plate and PLA with a 60C degree plate.
  • After the print allow the plate to cool completely and the print will remove easily.
If you skip that last step you'll pop the finish from the glass plate and you'll have to respray sooner.

I've been printing for a while on this setup and the best part is I haven't needed to re-spray the plate at all. If I ever do a little water will remove the old hairspray for a re-spray.

Obviously this doesn't work for printers without heated build platforms.

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